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Zenus Global Health founders Doug and Krystyna Widdifield are both successful entrepreneurs and leaders in a world-wide ‘Journey to Wellness’ movement that entails all aspects of life and well-being — whether it be physical, mental, spiritual and economic.

They remain committed to this purpose, as this has become their passion and life’s work — and they invite you to join Zenus and “make wellness your business.”

Doug is an educator and author of the acclaimed book, Life or Grave Danger? Armed with more than 30 years of study and scientific collaboration, he has been at the forefront of understanding how the human body performs under the stresses of life and why our bodies live in a delicate battle between wellness and disease — and where nature can help the system find its optimum balance. By applying some basic principles, you and your loved ones can become healthier while avoiding many of the degenerative processes that contribute to premature aging.


An exclusive line of state-of-the-art sleep and cookware systems that support a healthy lifestyle. Contact Zenus directly for details on how to purchase these items or become a distributor with immediate benefits.

Our Story

It starts with providing people the right information about their health choices.



Because we've promoted wellness to one customer at a time for over 30 years.

The surest sign of success is our history. Discover how Zenus products have enriched people's lives and what medical professionals say about them.

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To be considered among the best, remain open to scrutiny and constant improvement.

Subjecting our products to independent evaluation is a deep source of pride - affirming our integrity, safety compliance and world-class customer service.

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A very simple but powerful message: promote wellness and help others achieve their own.

Wellness arrives in many forms, which includes your financial well-being. Add technology to the mix and you have the tools to spread the Zenus message.

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Join us now and Make Wellness Your Business!

Our products not only improve your wellness, but also can change your lifestyle.