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Microbiome Boost ’ (Optimum D-Tox) Our flagship product—Microbiome Boost is a ‘Proprietary’ cutting edge, Colon, and Immune Support Formulation—made from 100% Schidigera Yucca. It is gentle, non-invasive—and safe to ‘use daily’. It stands alone in the marketplace and enhances ‘anything else’ taken orally. It is considered to be an adaptogen in herbal medicine; a non-toxic substance, especially a plant extract, that helps to increase the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress, promote balance, and/or restore normal physiological function and well-being.

The price of our products is the same for both Customers and Members. There is an annual $10 fee for 'Members Only'; providing and hosting of 'Member' websites. For complete ‘Membership’ details, go to the Opportunity and Compensation pages.

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An exclusive line of state-of-the-art sleep and cookware systems that support a healthy lifestyle. Contact Zenus directly for details on how to purchase these items.

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It starts with providing people the right information about their health choices.



Because we've promoted wellness to one customer at a time for over 30 years.

The surest sign of success is our history. Discover how Zenus products have enriched people's lives and what medical professionals say about them.

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To be considered among the best, remain open to scrutiny and constant improvement.

Subjecting our products to independent evaluation is a deep source of pride - affirming our integrity, safety compliance and world-class customer service.

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A very simple but powerful message: promote wellness and help others achieve their own.

Wellness arrives in many forms, which includes your financial well-being. Add technology to the mix and you have the tools to spread the Zenus message.

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